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Security systems are a must for any home that has a lot of assets. We have the extensive knowledge necessary to guide you in choosing the best solution to take care of your needs in order to protect your family and loved ones. With the latest technology you can rest easy at night knowing your home is safe and secured.


Our cameras are for residential, commercial or industrial outdoor areas and they are low light. The recorders are hidden as well as the cameras so you don’t have to worry about someone spotting them.


- Residential/Commercial/Industrial Outdoor Cameras (Low Light)

- Hidden/Recorders Sales/Install/Svc./Repair/Update

- Electric/Keyless Entry Systems

- Surveillance Equipment/Custom Security System Design Computer Controlled Systems

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Contact Virginia Sentinel Inc.

Professional installation and service you can trust

Let us reduce the stress of being away from home. Having your home broken into, whether you’re there or not, can be really scary. Depend on us to take that fear away and make sure you always feel a peace of mind, whether you’re away or not.


We offer electric or keyless entry systems which can help you rest easy knowing your system is easy to control even if you are away. Surveillance equipment is available and you can customize it to your needs.

FREE estimates and 24-hour monitoring are both available.

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